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A job board made exclusively for the speech therapy community is an exhaustive resource for Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) and Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) candidates across the country. maintains a comprehensive job board built specifically for Speech Language Pathologist’s and Clinical Fellowship Year candidates searching for career options within their chosen field – speech-language therapy. On this site you will find SLP/CFY job search tools and SLP licensure information to help you find your next SLP job or CFY.

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Best Cities for Speech Language Pathologists

Speech Language Pathology Licensure


To practice speech therapy in a given state, you must be licensed in that state. To help you be prepared for your next opportunity, we've gathered the licensure board contact information for each of the states.

Professional Speech Associations

Proffesional Associations

The best way to thrive in your career in speech therapy is to network with other speech-language patholgists. We've gathered a list of the contact information for these assiciations state-by-state. Sponsors

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