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Speech Therapy Jobs for SLPs, SLPAs, and CFYs

SLPJobs.com is an exhaustive resource for Speech Language Pathologist's (SLP) and Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) candidates across the country. SLPJobs.com maintains a comprehensive job board built specifically for Speech Language Pathologist’s and Clinical Fellowship Year candidates searching for career options within their chosen field – speech-language therapy. On this site you will find SLP/CFY job search tools, SLP licensure information, and career resource links and articles to help you find your next SLP job or CFY.

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Recently Posted SLP Jobs

Job TitleJob Location Job Category
Occupational Therapist
Schools - OT
Occupational Therapy (OT) School Job 1 hour from Asheville, NC!
Jacksonville, North Carolina
Schools - OT
SLP School Position in Cranston, RI
Cranston, Rhode Island
Schools - SLP - CFY
Gainsville, Georgia
Schools - SLP
Full Time Speech Pathology School Job near Detroit!!!!
Detroit area, Michigan
Schools - SLP
Short term SLP need in New Jersey Schools!
Newark, New Jersey
Schools - SLP
SLP Position in D.C. to start ASAP!!!
Washington, District of Columbia
Schools - SLP
Colorado school has SLPCCC job! Part time, ASAP start!
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Schools - SLP
SLP School job in Los Angeles Suburbs!
Chino area, California
Schools - SLP - CFY
SLP job-school based-near Riverside, California!
Riverside area, California
Schools - SLP
SLP job in our Vermont Schools!
Granville, Vermont
Schools - SLP
SLPCCC job 45 minutes from Montpeiler, VT! PERM, YEAR ROUND SCHOOL!
45 minutes from Montpelier, Vermont
Schools - SLP
SLP job school based near Fresno, CA!
Fresno area, California
Schools - SLP - CFY
West Houston Schools have SLP jobs for 11-12!
Houston area, Texas
Schools - SLP
Immediate SLPCFY job in Winston-Salem, NC! Schools
Winston-Salem Area, North Carolina
Schools - SLP - CFY
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