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Speech Therapy Jobs for SLPs, SLPAs, and CFYs

SLPJobs.com is an exhaustive resource for Speech Language Pathologist's (SLP) and Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) candidates across the country. SLPJobs.com maintains a comprehensive job board built specifically for Speech Language Pathologist’s and Clinical Fellowship Year candidates searching for career options within their chosen field – speech-language therapy. On this site you will find SLP/CFY job search tools, SLP licensure information, and career resource links and articles to help you find your next SLP job or CFY.

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Recently Posted SLP Jobs

Job TitleJob Location Job Category
Dearborn, Michigan- Preschool School Speech Language Pathologist (SLP or CF) Job
Dearborn, Michigan
Schools - SLP
Preschool Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Job in Canton, Michigan
Canton, Michigan
Schools - SLP
South San Francisco, CA- School based Speech Language Assistant (SLPA) Job
South San Francisco, California
Schools - SLPA
School based SLPA (Speech Path. Assistant) Job Opening in San Mateo, CA
San Mateo, California
Schools - SLPA
Fenton, Michigan- Part Time Elementary School Speech Language (SLP) Job Opening
Fenton, Michigan
Schools - SLP
Pre-School Speech Therapy Opening in Livonia, MI
Livonia, Michigan
Schools - SLP
SLP School Contract position near McHenry, IL
McHenry, Illinois
Schools - SLP
SLP (Speech Therapist) school job in WI; full time
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Schools - SLP
Contract jobs for SLP in GA schools; SW of Statesboro; full time
SW of Statesboro, Georgia
Schools - SLP
SLP/CCC needed near Hammond IN
Hammond, Indiana
Schools - SLP
Henderson IN area school seeking SLP
Henderson, Indiana
Schools - SLP
SLPA needed near Farmington NM
Farmington, New Mexico
Schools - SLPA
A job for a bilingual Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) is available near Georgetown, TX
Georgetown, Texas
Schools - SLP
Bilingual SLP position is available near Pflugerville, TX
Pflugerville, Texas
Schools - SLP
South San Francisco Pediatric SLP Job Opportunity
South San Francisco, California
Schools - SLP
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