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Sponsor Profile: Sunbelt Staffing

Sunbelt Staffing matches professional healthcare personnel to the hospitals and clinics that require exceptional customer service and detailed expertise. By partnering with hospitals and clinics around the country, Sunbelt Staffing gives their employees the chance to travel and further their career. The company has placement opportunities for travel nurses and therapists in schools, hospitals and clinics as well as pharmacy staff.

Sunbelt Staffing has earned the JCAHO Gold Seal of Approval for Healthcare Staffing Services. The company has 17 years of experience placing the right traveling healthcare professionals in the right jobs. The company believes in developing relationships with their employees and their client facilities. By creating lasting relationships with facilities, the company can offer their employees more job opportunities at the locations they desire.

Employees who choose Sunbelt Staffing can select job assignments across the country, choosing the jobs that offer the most rewarding experience for their careers or a stimulating environment. Military healthcare personnel are welcomed by the company; Former military personnel oversee the development of programs that help an armed forces medical worker make the transition to a civilian career.

The company also provides long and short-term opportunities for school therapy professionals. Sunbelt Staffing is able to place workers in speech-language pathology, bilingual therapy and special education positions, as well as nursing and psychology positions.

The company benefits policy includes paid, fully furnished personal housing and reimbursement of licensure costs. Major medical, dental insurance, and professional liability insurance are also part of the Sunbelt Staffing benefits package.

Sunbelt Staffing has created a Virtual Instant Paycheck card to give their employees access to their accounts from just about any ATM in the world. The company has developed a selection of referral benefits and loyalty programs to further reward employees. Paid vacation, airline ticket reimbursement, continuing education reimbursement and AAA membership perks round out the benefits package.

Sunbelt Staffing