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Sponsor Profile: Bilingual Therapies

Bilingual Therapies specializes in providing bilingual speech-language pathology services, meeting the needs of cross-cultural children that are becoming more common in schools across the country. In addition to the usual challenges of school work, these children may face problems learning and using their own native languages as well as their adopted language.

A bilingual speech-language pathologist has many roles within a school system. Helping the children master language skills, both in their native language and their adopted language is only the beginning. These speech-language clinicians connect diverse communities in a school setting and may act as bridges to understanding between parents, school administration, and members of the community.

Bilingual Therapies brings together professionals who have the special skills needed to act as links in culturally diverse learning environments. The company helps foster the profession by bringing together ideas, people and training in a community of respect. The company publishes a monthly web-based newsletter, Que Tal, which addresses in the classroom situations and concerns for speech-language therapists in linguistically diverse learning environments.

Continuing education in the field of speech-language pathology, with emphasis on the special needs of a bilingual child, is a cornerstone of Bilingual Therapies. The company maintains a web-based archive of articles written by speech-language therapists to share ideas. Bilingual Therapies also holds a yearly symposium for all clinicians to push the continuing development of more effective techniques.

Bilingual Therapies encourages the future of the profession with scholarship opportunities. The company, along with Northern Illinois University and Marquette University, makes scholarships available to graduate students who are committed to becoming active speech-language therapists in a school setting upon completion of their degree program.

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