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SLP Job Hunting

Permanent SLP Jobs

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Permanent school-based SLP job in NC

N. of Charlotte, North Carolina Schools - SLP  

Speech Therapy Job in NY (Bilingual)

Harlem, New York Schools - SLP  

Permanent SLP school jobs in TX

San Antonio, Texas Schools - SLP  

Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist near San Mateo, CA

San Mateo, California Schools - SLP  

Full Time SLP job - Walla Walla, Washington

Walla Walla, Washington Schools - SLP  

CA jobs for Speech Therapists (SLP/CFY) for this school year

Monterey, California Schools - SLP - CFY  

SLP-ccc school jobs in IN, both in-person and tele-practice

Indianapolis, Indiana Schools - SLP  

SLP/CFY contract job in Kokomo, IN schools

Kokomo, Indiana Schools - SLP - CFY  

Contract job for SLP (Speech Pathologist) in Reading, PA

Reading, Pennsylvania Schools - SLP  

SLP (Speech Therapy) contract jobs in Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, New Mexico Schools - SLP - CFY  

Occupational Therapy school jobs in NM; Albuquerque; full time

Albuquerque, New Mexico Schools - OT  

CA SLP (Speech Therapy) jobs for the upcoming school year

San Bernadino, California Schools - SLP  

Speech Therapy (SLP/CFY) jobs in Indiana schools, full or part time positions

Indianapolis, Indiana Schools - SLP - CFY  

SLP (Speech Therapy) jobs near Ft. Smith, AR; full time; elementary

Ft. Smith, Arkansas Schools - SLP - CFY  

Speech Therapy (SLP/CFY) jobs in CO schools

Colorado Springs, Denver, San Luis, Colorado Schools - SLP - CFY  

SLP-ccc jobs in NM for the 2015-2016 school year; full time

Albuquerque, Farmington, Carlsbad, New Mexico Schools - SLP  

SLP-ccc jobs; small town on OK/AR border; full time school position

Ft. Smith, near OK border, Arkansas Schools - SLP  

Speech Therapy (SLP/CFY) jobs for GA schools; full time; elementary caseload

Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Marietta, Georgia Schools - SLP - CFY  

Jobs in CA schools for contract Speech Therapists (SLP); full time

Los Angeles, Temecula, San Jose, California Schools - SLP - CFY  

SLP contract jobs in FL schools; full time; many locations

Ft. Myers, Panhandle, Tallahassee, Florida Schools - SLP - CFY  

Speech Therapy (SLP) jobs in the Madison, WI area schools; full or part time

Madison, Wisconsin Schools - SLP  

Bilingual Speech Therapy (SLP) jobs in Ft. Worth, TX; part time

Ft. Worth, Texas Schools - SLP  

Speech Therapy jobs near Fayetteville, AR; school; full time; new grads

Fayetteville, Arkansas Schools - SLP - CFY  

Permanent Pediatric Speech Lanaguage Pathologist (SLP) Job Opening- San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, Texas Schools - SLP  

Speech Pathology (SLP) job near Philly, PA in schools

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Schools - SLP