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What is Speech Language Pathology?

What is speech language pathology?  The term refers to the field of speech therapy concerned with the proper formation of words, sounds, inflections and phonemes.  What many people don't realize is that the SLP umbrella actually contains a number of subspecialties that concentrate on everything from anxiety disorders through neurological symptoms.  If you have come online in search of sound information on this creative and demanding field, you have come to the right place.

When most people ask "What is speech language pathology," what they really want to know is whether specialists from this field might be able to offer valuable service.  Although SLPs tend to work a good deal with stutters and other common speech issues, they may also help you nail down the proper diagnosis for any number of auditory disorders.  Choose well and you could even find a counselor who addresses the emotional cost of impaired speech patterns—an essential part of this work.

Different SLPs offer different areas of expertise, so it is important to find someone with whom you have a strong rapport.  If the issue is emotional at its core, a proper SLP should be able to find collateral physicians and psychiatrists who can help unlock some of these underlying causes.  Conversely, biological origins demand specialists who can get at the heart of any physiological disorders at fault.

The real answer to the question "What is speech language pathology?" is simply, "A field that offers whatever you need to feel more confident when you speak."  If you want to learn more, the Web's finest resources should be able to point you toward an experienced professional.

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