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Speech Therapy Job Openings

Looking for speech therapy job openings but don't know where to begin?  You're not alone.  Every year, hundreds of SLPs hit the Web in search of greener pastures and the kind of work they will find sustaining over many years.  A growing number have begun making good use of some of the Web's finest resources for such jobs.

The difficult thing about finding speech therapy job openings is that so few places advertise their openings. Whether you are looking for a school or a clinical environment, it can be tough to break in when so many administrators forego the open market and ask their colleagues for recommendations instead.  The good news is that this process has grown increasingly democratic in recent years, and today it's not unusual for top SLP Web tools to return dozens of options per search.

More choices mean more good ways to ply your trade, so from there it's a simple matter of deciding what you want.  Some jobs involve substantive collaboration with psychologists, neurologists and other professionals in the field.  Others require that you act as something like a one-woman show, offering everything from hands-on therapy through family counseling under a shingle of your own.

Whatever you choose, it is essential to make contact with each employer and make sure you understand exactly what is expected of you.  With so many outstanding speech therapy job openings coming available each week, you can hardly go wrong with a little online homework.

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