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Resumes in speech therapy

These days, more credentialed professionals tend to post their resumes in speech pathology online.  It stands to reason, as the only sure way to attract the attention of employers is to put your best foot forward.  Where to post that resume and in what form both matter as well, however, so it is important to cover a few bases before you begin.

First things first.  Employers want to know about your education and prior employment—not just where you worked, but what you did and what it meant to you.  Too many SLPs nowadays list their hours and patient stats without ever getting into the daily trials and passions that can make this work so rewarding.  You don't want to post a memoir, of course, but many experts generally recommend letting your personality shine through where you can.

Many resumes in speech pathology also include something like a mission statement for the applicant.  Choose your words carefully here, as a giving nature may not be considered nearly as valuable as a rigorous approach to instruction.  The point is to cover your favorite areas of practice and sell your best qualities in a manner that is at once accomplished, competent and dignified.

The good news is that SLPs are in demand all over the nation, and today a growing number of institutions cull the Web for top choices before looking within.  Find the best resource for resumes in speech pathology and you could quickly discover you are fielding more offers than you ever expected.

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