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What is the difference between Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists?

Many people tend to get confused about the difference between speech language pathologists and audiologists.  This may come as no surprise, as both specialties involve considerable expertise in hearing difficulties and how they manifest in speech patterns.  But what speech language pathologists do is quite different from what audiologists do, especially when the causes of that speech problem are emotional in nature.

SLPs are trained to deal with far more than the neurological symptoms involved in troubled speech patterns.  Although they may collaborate with audiologists and vice versa, the SLP regimen is far more about crafting effective programs to restore better speech.  Accordingly it's not unusual for SLPs to consult with everyone from parents to psychologists to get at the heart of the matter.

These days, the main difference between speech language pathologists and audiologists is that SLPs tend to go out of their way to bring greater resources to bear.  The origins of speech problems can be complex and even overlapping, meaning concurrent diagnoses may be necessary to get a fuller picture.  SLPs are trained especially in fixing subtle nuances of speech production, making them closer to therapists than engineers.

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